Month: October 2016

The Hottest Trends in Travel and Hospitality for 2017

“What’s trending ?” doesn’t only relate to social networking, it’s a topic that hotel proprietors ought to find out about the hottest trends within the hospitality sector. Keeping an eye on the news often is difficult when managing a hotel. Here at Innroad Hotel PMS Systems, we’ve summed up the newest market report that hoteliers ought to keep a close watch on.

Food Tourism

Food happens to be an essential element of the vacation trip, but these days it’s regarded “the best link in traveling .” Rather than deciding the best places to eat after arrival, tourists are organizing their trips around the local collection of delicious foods. With Television shows, celebrity cooks, bloggers, and tourism organizations exhibiting the best places to discover outstanding food worldwide, more tourists have been searching to gratify their appetites, along with their wanderlust.


For a lot of tourists, health is much more than just exercising and maintaining a healthy diet if it fits into their itinerary – it’s how they live their everyday lives. To support the growing amount of wellness-minded tourists, hotel companies are molding their features to accommodate their requirements. From adding gym equipment in guest rooms and altering food and drink selections to working with personal trainers and health instructors and including health-focused services, hotels are placing their selves to seize business from tourists who are trying to sustain their health regimens when traveling seamlessly.

Direct vs. OTA bookings

The reservation war between hotels and OTAs is burning up. Despite the fact that hotels and OTAs still function in sync, they’re trying to persuade people to “pick a side” about reserving hotel rooms directly as opposed to via an OTA. The big hotel brands will get the headlines as this situation unfolds, yet small hotels will experience the effect of changing buyer actions. Although it’s too premature to know just how tourists will respond, it’s shrewd for independents to begin evaluating their internet reservation methods to make sure they’re well-prepared for the forthcoming days.

How to Hire An Effective SEO Firm for your Business

If you own your own business, you might be worried about staying competitive with larger companies when it comes to capturing online sales. The internet is a nearly-universal tool consumer use for researching buying decisions in virtually every industry. You need to make sure your online presence is positive and that you’re easy for potential customers to find. That means that a little search engine optimization(SEO) would be an excellent idea. How do you pick out the SEO firm that’s going to do the best job for your business?

Look Beyond Pricing

For a start, you shouldn’t be thinking of “SEO” as an easily-fractionable commodity to purchase. You’re not going to go to a marketing firm (at least not a good one) and buy “6 months of SEO.” SEO is a long-term strategy for improving your business’s online prominence, which means you’re looking for a marketing expert you can form a strong ongoing relationship with.

You’re hiring an outside expert because you don’t have the marketing expertise you need on your team. What you need is someone who shares that knowledge in a way you find logical and easy to grasp. Don’t use the bottom line as the be-all and end-all of comparing SEO firms. The company that can do the best job of explaining your online marketing options to you and helping you select effective ones is going to provide the best service.

Talk About Online Marketing As A Whole

SEO is a highly valuable marketing tool, but it is by no means self-sufficient. Optimization can and should be bolstered with many other forms of online promotion. This is another handy way to tell which SEO firms are worth hiring. A good marketer should be upfront about the fact that you need a comprehensive strategy that will go beyond simple optimization to get the best results.

This is another area where you need to be thinking of an ongoing long-term investment. SEO and the strategies that go with it lose momentum if you stop funding them. Your marketing partners are likely to recommend producing a steady stream of content and distributing it through a variety of online channels. You need to commit the necessary funds to keep that stream flowing.

Create Goals And Metrics

So far, it might sound to you like hiring an SEO firm is a recipe for finding a consultant that will turn into a hard-to-fire drain on your resources. That’s certainly a business model that less ethical companies will want to pursue. To make sure you get your money’s worth out of your SEO team – both at the start and years down the road – make sure you establish clearly defined goals.

Although you may have to rely on your SEO firm to teach you about the relevant metrics you should look at to gauge their performance, a good company will also show you where to get objective, nonbiased data that verifies the progress they make on your behalf.

A good SEO firm can work wonders for your business’s online presence. With a little professional help, your website can turn into a tremendous asset. All you need to do is make sure that you match yourself up with a reliable, experienced firm that can provide the help you need. If you are looking for a reputable SEO Company, check out J2H Digital Boston SEO Agency.