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6 Ways Your Cubicle Creates a Positive Workplace Without a Single Motivational Poster
Posted by Guest Author on 5/4/2012 to Motivation

Motivated WorkerIf youve ever worked in an office setting before, chances are that youre more than familiar with That Guy.

Whos That Guy? Its your co-worker; the one with a thousand motivational posters covering his cubicle walls. And you dont call him That Guy for being so motivated you call him that because hes put up a thousand motivational quotes and yet nothing about him seems overly positive or particularly motivated to you.

You dont want to become That Guy or That Woman. But you can still create a positive workspace out of your cubicle without using the cheesy motivational posters located a few cubicles over. Dont believe us? Here are six ways to get you started:

1.  Re-arrange the Furniture to Feel FoodWork Cubicle

Call it Feng Shui if you want we just call it good arrangement. If you want to create a work space that seems warm and inviting to you, then youre going to have to start with the biggest things in your cubicle the big stuff. If you have permission to shift things around a bit, go ahead and do so. If you dont have permission to make big changes, then change the arrangement of what items youre allowed to customize.

2. Post the Pictures Without the Words

If you like posting up motivational pictures on your cubicle, you can always try to de-cheese it by posting meaningful pictures. After all, the true value in posting something up where you can see it is that youll be able to see it. Let your motivation be visual. A quick word of warning: keep it subtle. Dont tack everything up on your wall. Youd be surprised how going overboard on this point can suddenly feel pardon the pun tacky.

3. Keep it Free of Food

Sure, eating at your cubicle can feel less like a luxury and more like a necessity when no ones around for you to lunch with and you want to watch a funny video during your break. But your cubicle will stop feeling like an efficient workplace and more like an all-in-one studio apartment when you treat it like the latter. Go out to eat, even if out is just the break room.

4. Clean out Your Papers Every Monday.

Why Monday? Because Mondays suck anyways. Plus, youll get a major kick in the butt and feel more inspired to work when you have a clean workspace what better time to do that than at the beginning of the week?

5. Associate your Cubicle with Relaxation

You have to work at your cubicle, sure, but try to keep it a relaxation zone as much as you can. If you can listen to music in your line of work, listen to relaxing music right after you sit down. If someone interrupts you to talk to you, say walk with me and go and grab some water. The more you associate your cubicle with relaxation and accomplishment, the better youll feel about starting your workday.

6. Decorate

Yes, decorate! Replace that old desk lamp with something more modern and chic. Clear the wall behind your computer of any poster or tacked-on visual you havent even looked at in months. Youll feel reinvigorated.

David Ching is a marketing strategist at EQA Office Furniture, a San Fransico office furniture company selling workstations, receptionist desks, conference tables, cubical, office chairs and more. Package pricing and free 3D virtual walkthroughs are available on EQA's website.

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Shyxter Date 5/18/2012 7:00:08 PM
To keep my workspace free from food is a big challenge for me. I usually just eat where I work, but I realized it's not so good to be doing this because I tend to eat more than work. I agree that one should get out of his workspace during breaks and eat in a different area.
Creamer Date 1/4/2014
Cheers. Plenty of material!
Sievier Date 1/12/2014
Great info, Thanks a lot!
Pendleton Date 1/22/2014
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