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Accelerated Learning Techniques
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Accelerated Learning Techniques
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Publisher Nightingale Conant
Author Brian Tracy and Colin Rose
Format 6 Compact Discs/PDF Workbook/Bonus CD titled Relaxation & Visualization Techniques and Baroque Music to Set the Mood
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Accelerated Learning Techniques

Brian Tracy and Colin Rose

The human brain has tremendous learning and information processing potential that is very rarely used. In the past, people didn't know how to tap into this incredible force that lies in the brain. Accelerated Learning Techniques contains all the information and techniques you need to know to fully use your genius potential. The presented techniques are based on Nobel Prize-winning scientific research.

The cutting-edge learning methods in Accelerated Learning Techniques can make a dramatic difference in the way you assimilate new information. You will be able to identify your unique way of learning, and make the best use of your skills. You will be able to fully use the potential of your brain, meaning that you will be able to enter the select club of the most intelligent people in the world.

With Accelerated Learning Techniques you will learn 17 different memory methods and principles, the 5 keys to fast learning, and the 6 stages of effective learning. Using the program you will also be able to discover what kind of intelligence you have, and how you can fully use it. You will also learn how you can make work for you the 7 characteristics of success.

In Accelerated Learning Techniques the popular author Brian Tracy and the famous learning expert Colin Rose will show you how you can learn more successfully by creating a positive mental attitude, how you can turn your theoretical data into practical knowledge, and how you can enhance your memory thorough visual association. You will also be able to read not only fast, but to greatly enhance your comprehension, and your memorization capabilities will also improve significantly.

The Brian Tracy Accelerated Learning Techniques program will teach you how to use music to enhance your learning skills, and how you can use mental rehearsal techniques to improve your performance. You will be able to keep your knowledge up-to-date, which is the guarantee of success in the Information Age.

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Accelerated Learning Technique - helps to learn faster
  I am preparing for a professional examination which is only a few weeks away. But at the moment, due to my busy daily routine I have only a little time to spare for the preparation. Just at this crucial time I found this 'Accelerated Learning Techniques' by Brian Tracy and Collin Rose. These techniques are really helpful and within a short period of time I could cover a large portion of my course that I could not in the past. This really is worth the money I spent on it.
  Reviewed by:  George Walker from Baltimore, MD. on 1/10/2012
  Accelerated Learning Techniques provides good information about different memory methods and principles for fast learning & effective learning. It is a good & interesting product that can help you develop to learn and more effectively. This method is based on well-researched memory techniques, and is well worth the investment.
  Reviewed by:  Geoff N from Sandy, UT. on 1/6/2012
  I Bought Accelerated learning techniques which provides amazing techniques about the learning strategies. Tips and tricks are also available. The price is also very reasonable. In this CD I have 17 different memory methods and principles, the 5 keys to fast learning, and the 6 stages of effective learning. Also we can learn 7 Characteristics of success. Added advantage is that we can turn our theoretical data into practical knowledge.
  Reviewed by:  Dan from West Pennsylvania. on 1/4/2012
Accelerated Learning Techniques
  Accelerated Learning Techniques provides information how to enhance your learning skills, mental rehearsal techniques to improve your performance. I'd recommend it to friends looking for personal development products to enhance learning.
  Reviewed by:  Zion J from El Sobrante. on 1/4/2012
Accelerated Learning Techniques
  More has been discovered about how the human brain works in the last 25 years than in all history to date.The Accelerated Learning Method is based on that research.By also incorporating well-researched memory techniques, Accelerated Learning makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience. Children using Accelerated Learning Techniques are racing ahead. This is one of the best products which i have ever reviewed.
  Reviewed by:  Kristy J from Chico. on 1/4/2012
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