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Barbara Mahaffey

Barbara Mahaffey

Barbara Mahaffey, M.A. is one of the best known psychoterapists and consultants specializing in mind-body therapies, relationships, energy medicine and psychology, and communications. Her philosophy is holistically oriented, and has 20 years of experience in mental health, business, education and holistic medicine.

She is known because of her unique ability to provide the techniques needed to align with and function from the highest part of your being. Her advice is always practical, easy and simple to follow. The main characteristic of Barbara Mahaffey's work is simplicity. She can give you easy to understand explanations about how your feelings and mental processes work so you can connect more easily with your soul.

Mahaffey can also help in overcoming and transforming negative thinking patters, beliefs and habits. With the practical tools provided by the author, you can live your life in harmony with your soul. Her best-known work is titled Harnessing Your Life Force: Using Radiant Energy to Align Your Mind-Body with Your Divine Self, and it teaches how you can find the balance between your body and your soul. 

The book gives easy-to-understand explanations about how everyone can connect and find harmony with the eternal part of oneself. She teaches that everyday frustration, anger and stress is not the way human kind was intended to live, and that there is a more balanced, happier and easier way to live. Everyone has a higher self, and if someone's thoughts and actions are in harmony with this eternal part, happiness and harmony can be achieved.

The advice given by Barbara Mahaffey is inspired from various belief systems and spiritual traditions, and the overall characteristic of her teachings is simplicity and harmony. Everyone can live a balanced and happy life, if the actions of the body, the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the soul are balanced.

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Harnessing Your Life Force
Harnessing Your Life Force
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