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Lessons From the Richest Man Who Ever Lived
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Lessons From the Richest Man Who Ever Lived
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Publisher Nightingale Conant
Author Steven K. Scott
Format 8 CDs Plus 2 Bonus CDs
ISBN 1938774639
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Lessons From the Riches Man Who Ever Lived

Steven K. Scott

Lessons From The Richest Man Who Ever Lived is A Treasure Chest of Wealth, Success and Happiness ... And Solomon Gives You the Keys! Solomon not only gained a worldwide reputation as the wisest man in history, his wealth was legendary as well. His gold reserves alone would be worth nearly a trillion dollars in today's dollars. In the biblical book of Proverbs, Solomon reveals his strategies for achieving success, wealth, and personal happiness. During the past 28 years, Steve Scott has not only experienced the life-changing benefits of using Lessons From The Riches Man Who Ever Lived strategies in his personal life, he has also seen their power demonstrated in business. After failing in nine jobs, Steve began applying Solomon's strategies to his business pursuits. With less than $5,000, he and a partner started a business from scratch, following Solomon's strategies. In less than six months they were generating over a million dollars per week in sales. They went on to create more than a dozen multimillion dollar companies from scratch, achieving billions of dollars in sales. These strategies created the world's only trillionaire and built Solomon's reputation as the wisest man who ever lived! Steve also discovered that when he acted contrary to Solomon's strategies, he lost nearly everything he valued ... his family, his happiness, and millions of dollars. Then, returning to the wisdom of Solomon's strategies, he regained all that he had lost. In this series Steve Scott mentors listeners in the skills and techniques that enabled him to harness the power of Solomon's teachings and incorporate them into his business and personal pursuits. He also reveals the devastating traps that Solomon warns all of us to avoid, traps that can rob us of our success, our families, and all potential for financial security. Apply the rare insights that are shared in this rich program to your life, and unearth the wisdom that has transformed the lives of thousands the world over.

You'll learn Solomon's simple "how-to's" for:

* Achieving maximum success in minimum time.

* Mastering life's most important skill.

* Taking the two most critical steps to extraordinary success.

* Avoiding the greatest cause of financial loss and ruin.

* Turning your impossible dreams into reality.

* Winning and resolving any conflict.

* Avoiding the single trap that will always bring you down.

* Maximizing relationships.

* Defeating the number one destructive force in relationships.

* And much, much more!

Steven K. Scott Bio:

Steven K. Scott co-founded the American Telecast Corporation, one of more than a dozen multimillion dollar companies he and his partners have built from the ground up. Steven is also the author of two other best-selling Nightingale-Conant programs, Mentored by a Millionaire and Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams. He has also produced more than 20 best-selling videos and written and directed more than 800 national television productions.

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