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Silva Ultramind's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
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Silva Ultramind's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
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Publisher Nightingale Conant
Author Dennis Higgins and John La Tourrette
Format 8 Compact Discs/2 Bonus Discs/PDF Workbook
ISBN 1633120171
ISBN 13 978-1633120174
Year Published 2003
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Silva Ultramindís Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

Dennis Higgins and John La Tourrette, Ph.D.

GET READY TO EXPLORE YOUR 'INNER SPACE' AND UNLOCK YOUR MIND'S TRUE POTENTIAL! There will be times when someone is making an important decision ... perhaps a life-and-death decision ... and you won't be there to help. At that moment, the only influence you will have with that loved one or customer or associate, when he or she is making a decision that will affect the rest of his or her life - and your life - is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Silva Ultraminds Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing will help you in every area of your life: health, relationships, business, personal growth, and your purpose in life. Transform Your Health: With Remote Viewing you can detect health problems and threats to your health, and then take action both physically and mentally - with Remote Influencing - to protect your health or restore and maintain optimum health for yourself and your loved ones. While your doctor works from the outside-in with physical medicine, you help by working from the inside-out. Transform Your Relationships: Troubleshoot relationship problems by remotely viewing them ... even before they develop. Sense the other person's needs and wants so that you can respond appropriately. Then use Remote Viewing to detect the invisible barriers they have erected, old wounds you may have forgotten ... or not even know about ... misunderstandings that have never been adequately resolved. Then use Remote Influencing to establish deep rapport at deep, inner levels ... and watch the changes that take place at the outer level.

Transform Your Career and Your Business: Do you want a better job? A raise? Something more meaningful, interesting and satisfying to do? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want more customers? Bigger sales? Better employees? Better working conditions? First, use Remote Viewing to detect problem areas, then use Remote Influencing to convince others that you have the solution. Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you do a better job... whatever your job is... and wherever the information is. Once you determine the things that need to be done, use Remote Influencing to help you implement your decisions.

Transform Your Personal Development: Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing can enhance your thinking, memory, creativity, and ability to see your future. These technologies can help you find and fulfill your purpose in life, strengthen your connection with your source (higher intelligence), pray more effectively, obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to fulfill your mission in life. Study and learn the remarkable new technologies of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing taught in this course, and get ready to take your life and the lives of those your love to the next level. Buy Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing by John La Tourrette, Dennis Higgins Today!

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