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The Power of Positive Thinking Audiobook
Part Number the-power-of-positive-thinking-b
The Power of Positive Thinking Audiobook
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Publisher Nightingale Conant
Author Norman Vincent Peale
Format 6 Compact Discs
ISBN 081752004270
In Stock
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The Power of Positive Thinking Audiobook

Norman Vincent Peale

Enrich your inner and outer life with the groundbreaking classic The Power of Positive Thinking Audiobook by Norman Vincent Peale, that has inspired and transformed millions! This book will help you with techniques to maintain positive thoughts and a positive attitude with simple techniques that are easy to follow. With so much that is negative thrown at us, it is often tough to maintain a positive attitude. And yet, it is possible. Scriptural wisdom states, "If thou can't believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." THAT is the power of positive thinking. As much as you believe, that is what you shall receive. In The Power of Postive Thinking Audiobook, one of the all-time personal development classics the great Dr. Norman Vincent Peale offers you a system of simple, powerful techniques for living a happy, joyful, satisfied life every single day, no matter what.

With The Power of Positive Thinking Aubiobook you'll learn:

* Free yourself from the paralysis of self-doubt

* Eliminate worry, fear, resentment, and other destructive states of mind

* Find surprisingly easy solutions to your most difficult problems

* Tap into your "Plus Factor" to accomplish things that seem beyond your capabilities

* And more

You don't have to be defeated by anything. You can have peace of mind, improved health, and a never-ceasing flow of energy. In short, your life can be full of joy and satisfaction. Don't wait to enter into that better life! With The Power of Positive Thinking, you can start NOW to be what you want to be. 6 Compact Discs

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how to be positive
  Amazing cd's on how we can think positively in the worst situations of our life and make ourselves feel good and overcome the issues that are before us. This book is an excellent resource on how to be positive with inspirational quotes and historical references. I kid you not, this book helped me maintain my job in construction through this recession.
  Reviewed by:  Peter from Michigan. on 1/4/2012
Best Knowledgeable Book
  The power of positive thinking book provides adequate information for our day to day life.It is providing information to eliminate worry, fear, resentment, and other destructive states of mind.It provides a peace of mind on reading the book.This book provides surprisingly easy solutions to the most difficult problems.It is providing useful information for day to day life
  Reviewed by:  Jagadish from India. on 1/4/2012
A Good Book To Read
  I am an avid reader and I can tell that The Power of Positive Thinking Audiobook has changed my life and made me optimistic about my present as well as future. I was able to eliminate all the negative feelings of worry, fear, resentment by reading this book. It created a new positive energy from within. Moreover the book presents with some beautiful solutions for your difficult problems. I also recommended this book to my friends. The shift in attitude really isn't that hard. It just takes the proper motivation.
  Reviewed by:  Samantha from Mumbai, India. on 12/31/2011
The Power of Positive Thinking
  The power of positive thinking can improve your life and it is of course your key to great success. It is about a change in attitude. Maintaining positive thinking and attitude will drive you to success and happiness.This anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action in your life. I definitely recommend it.
  Reviewed by:  Andrew, C from Ripley, WV. on 12/29/2011
Postively Great!!!
  yes... 'The Power of Positive Thinking' has made a great difference in my life. After listening to the book, I've implemented positive thinking in my life. Those changes are leading me to feel the joy of life and see the benefits of a positive approach in everything you do.
  Reviewed by:  Nathan from Suffolk, VA. on 12/29/2011
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