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Top Training Tips for Sales Staff
Posted by Guest Author on 3/1/2012 to Sales Training

Sales TrainingPerfecting the art of sales can be difficult even for the most confident of individuals, but with the right resources such as professional sales coaching and a vibrant team, you can ensure that each and every member of your sales staff has the ability to truly add value to your business. If you are looking for ways to get the very best out of your sales team, the following tips have been devised to provide managers and business owners with the inspiration needed to create a powerful and persuasive sales team.

Motivation Through Appreciation

There are many occasions within busy business settings where staff can lose their passion and positivity for both their role and the company as a whole due to lack of feedback. In order to combat this, ensure positive feedback is never in short supply to those who are undergoing training through either carefully structured one to one reviews or perhaps in the form of awards at the end of the training. Make sure this continues after training is complete in order to keep standards high; monthly awards such as top seller or most supportive employee can be given out to keep morale high throughout your sales department.

Professional Sales Coaching

Sales coaching can be highly beneficial for both new members of the team as well as Time To Sellindividuals that have been with your company for a significant period of time. This is because sales coaching can not only give new team members a prolific insight into your business as well as sales techniques as a whole, it can also help those who are looking for ways to better their current selling procedures through improving attitudes and understanding ways of overcoming challenging situations.

Getting Away from the Office

A great way to encourage positivity amongst sales staff is to take the department away from the office for a day in order to create an open discussion about sales techniques which are working and any areas that could perhaps be changed to increase effectiveness. Booking a conference room at a nearby hotel or perhaps simply taking the department out for a working lunch is ideal for creating a setting where team members feel comfortable in expressing their opinions.

Keeping it Simple

If you are looking to implement change within your sales strategy, it is important to remember the importance of explaining such changes in a coherent and concise manner. If your new strategy needs lengthy explanation, consider splitting it into smaller sections that can be carried out by either yourself or a training specialist over a couple of days as this will help your sales team when getting to grips with the changes you are looking to roll out.

Understanding the Product/Service

Quite simply, the chances of a sales person being able to confidently sell your product or service are slim if they do not fully understand exactly what it is as well as the benefits of purchasing it. For this reason, you must first sell the idea of the product/service to your sales team before they can go on to wax lyrical about it to potential customers. Once they truly understand what they are selling inside out, their confidence in selling will naturally increase significantly.

It is incredibly important to ensure any training given to a sales department is delivered in a way that all can understand, so be sure to get the best results by utilising a specialist in sales training and ensuring courses are structured concisely.  Once this tried and tested method has been carried out, you can rest assured your sales team will be raring to pick up the phone and start selling.

Sophie has written numerous guides on workplace training and believes that a blend of high quality sales training together with team building activities is the key to a happy and confident team. 


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