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You Were Born Rich
Part Number you-were-born-rich-bob-proctor
You Were Born Rich
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Publisher LifeSuccess Production
Author Bob Proctor
Format Paperback
Pages 198
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You Were Born Rich

Bob Proctor

You Were Born Rich gives you the COMPLETE, PROVEN SYSTEM for using the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual prosperity. Recognized worldwide as one of the most comprehensive personal development book available, Bob Proctor You Were Born Rich will open your eyes to the deep reservoirs of talent and ability that lie deep within you.

You Were Born Rich contains a complete plan for developing the untapped potential in every aspect of your life, including:

* Begin to relate to Money as you SHOULD, not how society generally thinks or tells you how you should.

* Take careful inventory of your thoughts and current financial condition because the two ARE absolutely related!

* Understand why every millionaire is a Master Image Maker who understands the absolute necessity of building the right images in one'sMind.

* Learn how to truly let go and turn your imagery over to a Power within and around you that immediately sets to work on materializing the images you hold in your Mind

* Introduce one of the most powerful words "expectation"  into your daily life.

* Finally understand why some people keep attracting what they do not want, while others attract exactly what they do want and the steps to take to be a member of the latter group.

* Come to understand the true meaning of "risk taking."

* Sharpen your effectiveness by implementing the principles behind "The Razor's Edge."

* Why do some people keep getting the same results year after year? You'll learn why and how to avoid it here.

* Finally, learn how to easily open the doors to all the wealth and abundance you seek.

Bob Proctor's You Were Born Rich will help you accelerate your personal growth and personal finance.

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