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Cut Your Cardio Time in Half
Posted by Administrator on 3/10/2013 to Health and Fitness
Show of hands, who reading this hates cardio? Just as a guess probably everyone raised their hand or at least thought about it. That is because in a nutshell, cardio sucks. Who wants to sit on a stationary bike for 45 minutes three or four nights a week? Yet if you walk into any gym at almost any time of the day or in the evening you will see any army of people marching, peddling, stepping, and sometimes running along at a steady pace to try and burn those calories.
Lean and Mean in Four Weeks? You Bet!
Posted by Administrator on 3/9/2013 to Health and Fitness
Is it possible to build enough lean muscle mass that you create a noticeable difference in your body and how people see you? Of course you can. If not then working out with weights would not be such a popular activity. The real question is how fast can you do it? People who train athletes and movie stars (those who need fast shape-up programs) have realized over the years that the best way to generate the maximum amount of lean muscle in the shortest time is to mix heavy weights with fast, explosive moves. Additionally you include shorter rest periods for added endurance and to speed up the heart rate and thus metabolism for a fat burning affect.
Great Games for Keeping Your Brain Finely Tuned
Posted by Guest Author on 5/5/2012 to Self-Help
Keeping your mind sharp is something that can really benefit your daily life; from improving your productivity at work through to improving your home life. Many people assume that anything involved with ‘tuning’ your mind is by definition going to be a little bit boring. However, there are plenty of games that you can use that are both fun and great for developing the way your mind works. In fact, many of these games are highly addictive! The real trick here is trying to get away from games and pastimes that ‘numb’ the mind, and start doing activities than sharpen the way you think. We’ve listed a few of our favourite games to help you out. If you know of anything else then feel free to let us know in the comments!
6 Ways Your Cubicle Creates a Positive Workplace Without a Single Motivational Poster
Posted by Guest Author on 5/4/2012 to Motivation
If youve ever worked in an office setting before, chances are that youre more than familiar with That Guy. Whos That Guy? Its your co-worker; the one with a thousand motivational posters covering his cubicle walls. And you dont call him That Guy for being so motivated you call him that because hes put up a thousand motivational quotes and yet nothing about him seems overly positive or particularly motivated to you.
Time Management Tips for Department Managers
Posted by Guest Author on 5/3/2012 to Self-Help
Being a department manager requires a vast amount of patience, organization and instinct. The last thing you need is a bump in the road that will slow down production and your performance record. These time management tips for department managers will be able to at least enable you to implement some easy changes or simple adjustments. These can direct you in a way that will hopefully avoid unnecessary energy output that could be used in a much more productive and progressive way.
Partying in College Should Be a Big No-no
Posted by Guest Author on 5/2/2012 to Self-Help
College is said to be like the fountain of youth. The students come and the students drink. What happens when you go to college depends on the choices that you make. You do not have to do what everyone else is doing and you certainly should not let other people influence your decisions. You are going to college to get an education. You need to remember that. Just because other students are partying hard does not mean that you have to, and there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t.

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 Cut Your Cardio Time in Half
 Lean and Mean in Four Weeks? You Bet!
 Great Games for Keeping Your Brain Finely Tuned
 6 Ways Your Cubicle Creates a Positive Workplace Without a Single Motivational Poster
 Time Management Tips for Department Managers
 Partying in College Should Be a Big No-no
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