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Brilliant Compensation
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Brilliant Compensation
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Author Tim Sales
Format CD
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Brilliant Compensation

Tim Sales

Brilliant Compensation by Tim Sales is an educational approach that delivers the how-to-achieve-all-that in a simple, straightforward 30-minute audio presentation. There's no sales and no hype. Best of all, Brilliant Compensation users report it virtually eliminates any resistance or objections, paving the way for your follow-up and close. I do this on the CD by telling your prospect about a generic, professional business model; the very same model I used to build a business that's generated more than $25 million. Instant credibility. I then introduce Harvard-educated Dr. Charles King, marketing consultant to Fortune 500 companies and marketing professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. More credibility.

Brilliant Compensation will tell your prospect what to look for in a business.

1. A Huge and Expanding Market – a business that can support your prospect without fear of a downturn in the economy

2. Unique and Consumable Products – a business that can continue to support your prospect without fear of competition

3. Trends and Timing – a business that will position your prospect at the very front of market trends where the most profit can be made

4. Money Earning Options – why owning your own business is the only path to real wealth

5. Leverage People Power - why teaching people to own their own business beats the pants off of hiring employees

6. It's Not a Pyramid – how the person at the bottom has the same earning potential as the one at the very top and why so many Fortune 500 companies are turning to network marketing to sell their products

7. Exponential Rewards – how your prospect can earn 1,000 times more than his neighbor working the same number of hours a week 

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