If you have a healthy diet, recommended that the options of the five food groups by the U.S. Department of Agriculture food pyramid that contains a good start to maintain a healthy weight. The next step you must take is to exercise to lose weight. You must be a balance between the foods you eat and how much physical activity you need to participate in the exercise of antiquity in search of a part of human existence, in farms and fields where he worked the equivalent of ten miles during their execution day. But modern man has become a sedentary lifestyle is largely the result of our work environment that we have linked our offices in front of computer terminals all day. So, to fight against physical inactivity that we get up, get out and exercise.

You must start an exercise program to complement your healthy food choices. We recommend 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week to obtain. And this is where good health is to get you to prevent weight gain, should increase their activities in order to 60 minutes daily physical activity that you want to reach that goal. To maintain weight loss may be for you to increase the level necessary to put 60-90 minutes of daily physical activity. However, these levels seem daunting, some, but it should be noted that we are talking about the cumulative levels of activity. This may take the form of outflows of labor and things in the home or office may bring the total to the required level. What is activity in the home or office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, if possible. However, if you have a job on the thirtieth floor is certainly not expect that you have to climb thirty floors. Take the elevator to the eighth floor and go up two floors. If, when you get home, if you get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the house. Doing this kind of every day something is added to the sum of added activity Reflections.

And, of course, you need regular exercise every day, this can work in the form of walking in the park for a longer period, or if you want. If time permits do not perform their work inside. Get a treadmill and get both feet, as you have in your treadmill. Or you can go jogging on the treadmill, treadmills, some are equipped with outstanding features, so that you feel when walking uphill or walking, you can if you wish. You can also buy a stationary bike, in order to facilitate their work needs. Add a little gardening and other tasks to the equation and you can see where the number, the activities to come. Paid in full and you train to maintain your weight effectively.