If you are considering a raw food diet or detox, you should know that making the transition can be hard. In the beginning, it can be extremely overwhelming and difficult to find a variety of foods and recipes. I would like to share some very simple tips to ease you into a raw food detox or diet.

If you are serious about living a raw food lifestyle, then the very first thing you need to do is equip your kitchen with the proper equipment. You need to buy a good quality food dehydrator and food processor as well as a high-powered blender. These tools will become a staple in your diet and are an absolute must.

Many people are turned off of a raw food diet or detox because the idea of eating nothing but fruits, veggies and nuts can be very daunting. Rest assured that there is more to this diet than salads. You need to be open to trying and testing new foods and food combination's.

In the beginning, you should start slowly. It will take time to adjust to a raw food diet. You should first add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Once you have increased the amount of fruits of vegetables, then cut the amount of processed foods like breads and pastas. You should do extensive research on proper nutrition and make sure that you can get enough protein for your body without meats. It is possible; however, you must do your research. The last thing you should remove from your diet is meats. You must make sure your body has adequate protein and vitamin B complex before removing meats.

A great way recipe to try is with a green smoothies. It is a very common raw food recipe that is used to give you energy and is very easy to make. Oftentimes, people cite a lack of energy as the reason they quit a raw food diet or detox. A nice green smoothie can help give you the energy boost that you need. The recipe is very simple. All you need is a blender, 5 fruits, one leafy green vegetable and two cups of water. You can use any fruits and vegetables that you like.

Living a raw lifestyle does not have to be difficult. If you plan and do your research before starting, you can do this diet without any problems. Many people jump into a raw diet or detox thinking all they have to do is eat a ton of fruits and vegetables; however, there is much more to this diet. You should take time to find raw food cookbooks and search the internet for more information.